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Get involved, partner with us or donate and help us to spread the word, and create a bullerengue experience.  Any amount counts.

We want to take NOWHERE TO FALL to the communities that have no access to see this kind of film, content and experience, both in Colombia and the US. We want to create multicultural encounters where we can watch the film, talk, learn and dance.


1. Contact persons/groups for screenings with communities who don't have access to this kind of films/experience.


2. Contact prospective audiences who are interested in the topics treated in this documentary.


3. Support our impact campaign in remote communities in Colombia with:

- In-kind donations: airplane tickets for musicians, hotel accommodations, trip allowances, etc.

- Donations:  any amount count to make this happen. You can do it directly through our PayPal or through our amazing fiscal sponsor (Center for Independent Documentary)  which is a tax-exempt Section 501(c)(3) charity.


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