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From the Colombian Coast to New York City, “CATAPUM - Nowhere to Fall” is the powerful story of 3 Afro-descendent women of 3 generations, who found resistance, healing, and celebration in the ancestral musical tradition known as Bullerengue.

Ceferina Banquez, Palba Flores, and Carolina Oliveros share the story of their lives, -marked by the armed conflict in Colombia- their homeland, and their songs. Their personal experiences trace the arc of immigration, race, community, identity, and an enduring oral tradition; transcending borders to create a sense of belonging in a foreign land.

Their personal memories converge in a collective memory, offering a narrative of the Colombian armed conflict that honors the universal healing and reconciling power of music.

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Ceferina, a woman who was widowed at a young age and forced to abandon her land by war, embodies forced displacement, constant movement, and the reconstruction of the present. After many years she managed to return to the place she calls home, to rebuild and rediscover the inheritance of her grandfather and aunts, finding in song and lyrics a way to reconcile with her past.

Carolina is the traveler who abandoned everything and left her family to connect with her roots and her own essence abroad. After a rebellious and conflicted adolescence, she moved to New York, where she revalued her origin. She takes it as her personal mission to share the tradition of Bullerengue with new generations. Carolina uses singing and Bullerengue as a healing tool to rebuild herself and find her voice.


Pabla represents the transmission of ancestral knowledge. She inherited the knowledge of Bullerengue from her mother and grandmother. She only managed to accept this in adulthood, and it has now become a way of life where she fosters the survival of this legacy in her family and community through song.

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